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14/10/2022Position paperConsumer protection
Text for public statement implementation PID
14/10/2022Position paperConsumer protection
EuroCommerce Recommendations Price Indication Directive
27/09/2022Position paperEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Retail and wholesale and the energy crisis – an urgent need for support
08/07/2022Position paperEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Key points on the directive on corporate sustainability due diligence
08/07/2022Position paperEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Retailers and Wholesalers views on the directive on corporate sustainability due diligence
06/07/2022Position paperTrade
The Future of EU Customs – For a modern, frictionless customs environment
27/06/2022Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Businesses Call for Fresh Political Engagement to Renew Economic Integration in the Single Market
17/06/2022Position paperTrade
“Effectively banning products produced, extracted or harvested with forced labour” – Call for Evidence
10/06/2022Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
Adapting product liability rules to the digital age and Artificial Intelligence
13/05/2022Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
Proposal for a Data Act: Promote measures for an innovative data economy
12/05/2022Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Single Market Emergency Instrument – Public consultation 2022
07/04/2022Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
Global Industry Statement in Support of a New Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework