Sustainable Textiles

The textile sector plays a key role on Europe’s green and digital transitions and to boost the EU’s global competitiveness and open strategic autonomy. Many of our members are taking initiatives to make the textiles ecosystem more sustainable, circular and digital, as well as to ensure adequate skills. You will find below some of the sector’s examples supporting this transitions.

Farm to Fork: Europe’s food retailers and wholesalers act sustainably

Every day, food retailers and wholesalers take action, demonstrating their strong commitment to sustainability. They cooperate with farmers & other partners, promote sustainability & healthy lifestyles, and support sustainable practices. You will find below some of the sector’s examples supporting the Farm to Fork strategy.


Supporting Energy Transition

Retail and wholesale provide an essential service to their customers every day, all over Europe. Our sector is heavily dependent on energy, e.g., shops’ cooling and heating systems cannot be shut down when stores are closed – systems need to remain running. Therefore, many stores and warehouses in our sector are taking initiative and are becoming more energy efficient by making the most out of their energy supply.


Race to Zero

EuroCommerce announced its pledge to become an Accelerator for the Race to Zero. The Race to Zero 2030 Breakthroughs: Retail Campaign aims to engage retail and wholesale associations to help support their members’ ability to decarbonise through the Race to Zero Retail Centre of Excellence.