Juan Manuel Morales is the current President for the 2021-2024 mandate.

The President chairs over the governing bodies of EuroCommerce.

General Assembly & Board of Administration

The General Assembly is made up of all EuroCommerce members. It approves the annual budget and accounts, and elects the President and the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is made up of the President and 39 members, among which 26 members from national associations, 12 members from companies and 1 rotating member (every year) from affiliated associations.

It admits members, appoints the Vice Presidents and the Director General, sets the political direction and strategic priorities for the association, and supports the representation process vis-à-vis the EU institutions and other bodies.

Christel Delberghe is the Director General of EuroCommerce since November 2021. She leads the EuroCommerce team and acts as the chief spokesperson for the sector.

Board Members of EuroCommerce 2021-2024



Juan Manuel Morales

President [Grupo IFA]


Ivonne Bollow

Vice-President [METRO]

Giuseppe Brambilla di Civesio


Jacques Creyssel

Vice-President [FCD]

Ignacio García Magarzo

Vice-President [ASEDAS]

Stefan Genth

Vice-President [HDE]

Patricia E.H. Hoogstraaten

Vice-President [MKB Nederlands]

Renata Juszkiewicz

Vice-President [POHID]

Dominique Michel

Vice-President [Comeos]

Tomáš Prouza

Vice-President [SOCR CR]

Jürgen Roth

Vice-President [WKÖ]

Board Members

Jose Maria Alvarez Gallego

Board Member [Inditex]

Harald Andersen

Board Member [VIRKE]

Tom Baumert

Board Member [CLC]

Florian Block

Board Member [BGA]

Emilie Bourgoin

Board Member [REWE Group]

Arnold Dillon

Board Member [Retail Ireland]

Antje Gerstein

Board Member [HDE]

Spyros Gerontitis

Board Member [ESEE]


Juan Alfonso Herrero

Board Member [Mercadona]

Ian Hutchins

Board Member [Tesco]

Henrik Hyltoft

Board Member [Dansk Erhverv]

Riikka Joukio

Board Member [Kesko]

Mari Kiviniemi

Board Member [Finnish Commerce Federation]

Martin Krajčovič

Board Member [SAMO]

Lászlo Krisán

Board Member [VOSZ]

Sofia Larsen

Board Member [Svensk Handel]

Gonçalo Lobo Xavier

Board Member [APED]

Gilles Lodolo

Board Member [CDCF]


Carlo Massoletti

Board Member [Confcommercio]

Javier Millan Astray

Board Member [ANGED]



Eus Peters

Board Member [RND]


Leonor Sottomayor

Board Member [Sonae]

Bertrand Tison

Board Member [Decathlon]

Hendrik-Jan van Oostrum

Board Member [Ahold Delhaize]

Alina Vladoianu-Teau

Board Member [AMRCR]

Stina Wallström

Board Member [IKEA Range and Supply]


Christoph Wenk-Fischer

Board member [Ecommerce Europe]

Gerd Wolf

Board Member [Schwarz-Gruppe]