Earlier this year, ASEDAS released an in-depth report,
highlighting some essential sustainability indicators, collected from ASEDAS
associates. These indicators shows the pathway to the circular economy in the Spanish supermarkets.



The 2023 Modern Retail in Italy – Sustainability Report is in continuity with the spirit that characterized the previous 4 editions of Sustainability Report. However, its innovative dimension lies in the fact that, for the first time, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the core of the analysis, with the aim of highlighting the commitment and contribution of Italian Modern Retail companies to the achievement of the SDGs set in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The outcome is an effective synthesis of how the sector operates in terms of social, environmental and economic sustainability. Sustainable growth, social responsibility and attention to the environment are core values that guide companies of the Modern Retail sector on a daily basis, reflected in the essential service that millions of people benefit from every day, as well as in the fundamental role they play in promoting the supply chain of Italian quality products, in operating towards a more circular economy and in reducing emissions.



Our companies are building the foundations of a business capable of offering solutions to environmental challenges, improving their standards of good governance and their positive impact on society. In short, they are working to be more efficient and socially responsible, because that is the cornerstone of our business.



The climate protection campaign (Klimaschutzoffensive – KSO) is an information campaign aimed at small and medium-sized retailers and provides practical knowledge about energy saving possibilities and climate protection measures. At the same time, the KSO of the German Retail Association (HDE) supports retailers in implementing efficiency and climate protection measures.


Kingfisher - Verve

Kingfisher sells a range of Own Exclusive Brands across our banners, delivering for our customers on quality, design, innovation, and sustainability. Our Verve brand is designed with our customers’ gardens and outdoor spaces in mind, whatever their experience. Sustainability is at the heart of Verve, which uses recycled plastics, technology to reduce water wastage, and peat-free compost. 75% of Verve sales meet out Sustainable Home Products guidelines, and we expect to hit 90% by 2026.



Sonae will take viewers on a journey from the Portuguese countryside to their supermarket strollers. Starting by the close partnership they have with the farmers that are proud members of the Continente Producers Club, heading on to the engagement with the food industry producers, which is crucial to develop their private label offer. Sonae is deeply committed to create a positive impact on the planet and its communities and our goal is to deliver a value proposition that is #GoodforPortugal and also #GoodforEurope.



We have embarked in a journey towards becoming more sustainable and reducing waste and we would like to present these efforts via the illustration of three pillars: Food waste, packaging, and plant proteins.




BGA presented two innovations within their group.The import Promotion Desk (IPD) is a joint initiative of BGA and sequa to promote the establishemnt of sustainable long-term trade relations between importers as well as wholesalers in Europe and companies from selected developing countries and emerging markets.
As part of the Marshall Plan with Africa and the G20 investment partnership Compact with Africa, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has launched a special initiative for vocational training and employment. The aim of this BGA-KVP project is to use innovative formats and flexible instruments to strengthen the conditions for private investment and create more and better employment opportunities for the rapidly growing young population in Africa.”



METRO together with their solution-partner Too Good To Go presents the recently launched METRO platform “My Sustainable Restaurant”




Apeel is a food system innovation company enabling more time for fresh produce. Adding an edible extra “peel” of protection to produce extends shelf life and prevents waste. By selling Apeel-protected avocados, oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruit, EDEKA, along with a global network of retailers and fresh produce suppliers, helped to prevent an estimated 44M pieces of produce from going to waste in 2022 (equivalent to 7,000 mT CO₂-eq GHG emissions avoided and 1.7 billion liters water conserved).





Based on RFID, Decathlon has set up a reliable and innovative product traceability system, creating value and transparency all over Decathlon. This system allows secured access to information, like history, characteristics, localisation… from raw materials to finished goods, all along the product’s lifecycle, from manufacturing to recycling.






ESEE presents the initiative called “Shopping in Greece” which exploits the relationship between commerce and tourism taking advantage of the existing synergies between the two. The goal is to support city centers in Greece as places of local commercial activities and simultaneously as chosen tourism destinations full of unique experiences.




Finnish Commerce Federation

At the exhibition, the Finnish Commerce Federation will present an innovative digital commerce study module implemented in cooperation with Finnish universities. It can be utilised by both university students and professionals already working in the commerce sector. Thus, the study module will increase the number of completely new digital commerce experts in the sector and develop the skills of those already working in the sector.




Seldia, The European Direct Selling Association highlights the contribution of its association and corporate members to upskilling and reskilling Europeans. Direct Selling helps overcome the barriers to entrepreneurship and provides a flexible way for many to set up their own business. Independent direct sellers are supported in acquiring the right skills to run, develop and expand their own business.