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05/04/2022Position paperConsumer protection
Making repair the most attractive option for consumers and retailers
04/04/2022Position paperEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Retail and wholesale: supporting an EU market for deforestation-free products
15/03/2022Position paperAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Imports of agricultural and food products – Applying EU health and environmental standards – Call for Evidence
22/02/2022Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe for an open, inclusive and decentralised EU Digital product passport
16/12/2021Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
Draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act
10/11/2021Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
Contribution to discussion in the EP and Council on the Digital Services Act
04/11/2021Position paperConsumer protection
Proposal for a General Product Safety Regulation: a core issue to keep consumers safe
03/11/2021Position paperAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Making Retail and Wholesale part of the solution to fight food waste
22/10/2021Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
Joint Industry Statement on Targeted Advertisement and the DSA
19/10/2021Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Retail and wholesale eco-system – contribution to establishing a transition pathway
06/10/2021Position paperTaxation
Joint Paper – Single VAT ID Registration: Towards a Unified VAT Solution
23/09/2021Position paperDigital, Technology & Payments
E-commerce still growing: accelerated digitalisation of businesses and consumers