Wholesale 2023

The Single Market has underpinned the competitiveness of European businesses for the last 30 years. Wholesalers bring the benefits they gain from integrated and interconnected value chains across the Single Market to provide better products, lower prices and innovation for EU and non-EU business customers.

On 21 June, we will bring together policymakers and businesses to look ahead at what wholesale needs to better use the Single Market to drive the long-term competitiveness of wholesale businesses and the EU. Join the discussion to examine what the competitiveness check announced in the Commission Communication, ‘Long-term competitiveness of the EU: looking beyond 2030’ should take into account to ensure wholesale, and its many SMEs, can continue to use the Single Market to bring benefits for its customers, have the capacity to innovate and trade internationally, and to take stock of the regulatory burden holding wholesalers back.

Wholesale Day 2022

Following the Commission’s adoption of a proposal to encourage sustainable and responsible corporate behaviour, the event examined Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence. Policymakers and wholesalers debates what the due diligence obligations could mean in practice for businesses across the EU, the potential impact that it could have on doing business in the Single Market and beyond and despite the good intentions, consider if there could be a risk that SMEs are included less in the supply chain.

The 2022 edition took place on 15 June. EuroCommerce was proud to welcome Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice, as our keynote speaker.


Wholesale Day 2021

The annual Wholesale Day provides a valuable opportunity to bring together wholesalers and policymakers to discuss the important role of wholesale in the supply chain.

The 2021 event, organised on 3 June 2021, focused on wholesalers’ contribution to the EU’s post-COVID recovery, to the sustainability transition and the overall economy. Philippe Delpech, CEO of Sonepar, the world’s no 1 wholesaler of electrical goods, gave a keynote speech on the challenges facing wholesalers in a highly volatile economic environment. Panel discussions on circularity and on the role of wholesalers in the economy have highlighted the diversity and range of sectors in which wholesalers operate, the challenges they face and how they address them.