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Wholesale Day

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Wholesale Day 2021 – lifting the veil on a vital part of the economy

EuroCommerce is today holding its #WholesaleDay21 with a line-up of high-level speakers, including senior executives and entrepreneurs. They will be engaging with European Commission representatives and the audience on the contribution of wholesalers to the EU economy, the key challenges they face in a changing environment, how they address them and what support they need. Opening the event, EuroCommerce President Régis Degelcke said:

“The title of our event today tells its own story – lifting the veil which often hides from public view the vital role that wholesalers play in making our economy work. Today’s complex supply chains are like any machine we use every day – we don’t look at every component in the machine: we just expect it to work. It is the same with wholesalers. Because they work with a wide range of industrial and professional customers, we, the final customer, do not see what they do to make the supply chain work for us. From the speakers today, we will be hearing a lot more about what the immensely diverse wholesale sector does for almost all parts of Europe’s and the world’s economy, and how they are meeting the challenges of the digital and sustainability transition.”

Philippe Delpech CEO of Sonepar, the world’s no 1 wholesaler of electrical goods, summed up his vision in the keynote speech:

“Wholesale is a key industry that is undergoing a major digital transformation with an ever-increasing need for sustainable solutions. I am delighted to be speaking at this year’s Wholesale Day and sharing Sonepar’s ambitious transformation agenda to become the first global B-to-B electrical distributor to provide a fully digitalized and synchronised omnichannel experience to all customers. Through a dense network of 100 brands spanning 40 countries, Sonepar makes its customers’ lives easier, over the counter, visiting customers, by phone or online, – wherever and however we’re needed.”

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Wholesalers key to Europe’s economy

EuroCommerce today launched its report “Wholesale at the Centre of Europe’s Economy” setting out wholesalers’ key contribution to making the European economy work. The report describes the very diverse roles of wholesalers across a wide range of sectors and the challenges they face. It also points to a number of priorities for policy action which can serve to address these.

Wholesale is a key contributor to Europe’s economy. Nearly 2 million companies are wholesale businesses providing quality work to 11 million Europeans, making up 5% of total EU employment, and generating together €660 billion value-added.

Wholesalers play an important role in the value chain, providing a vital link between producer and retailer, along with a wide range of services to business. Wholesale is constantly changing, and embracing the challenges of digitalisation, sustainability, and developing employee skills. Wholesalers are overwhelmingly SMEs, and 91% are micro-businesses with less 10 employees. They need a policy framework at European level that will minimise the regulatory burden and help them thrive.

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Wholesale an essential engine of the European economy

Today, EuroCommerce is hosting a high-level conference to discuss the role of wholesale in Europe. The event, organised in cooperation with the Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU, brings together policymakers and stakeholders, and is focused on sustainability, product safety and innovation, and skills and competitiveness.

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EuroCommerce highlights importance of wholesale trade 4 Nov 2013

At its first “wholesale day” in the European Parliament today, EuroCommerce has raised the profile of the wholesale sector. Between producers and retailers, artisans and professionals lies a very important sector of the economy: wholesalers are the engine of efficient supply chain throughout the EU economy. Yet it is often invisible to the end consumer.

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