Retailers and wholesalers in Europe say: Go vote! – use your vote and make your choice

On 6-9 June 2024, we are called upon to cast our vote in the European elections. These elections mark an important moment in the history of the European Union. We will decide on the future of Europe as a union of values for peace, freedom, and the rule of law and how to strengthen these values.

Today, the European Union has more than 450 million inhabitants who live together peacefully, enjoy the prosperity of the Single Market and can move freely within the Schengen area. The EU stands for shared values: strengths that benefit each of us, our economy and our businesses. Like any major project, the European Union needs to be constantly adapting. Only a strong Europe, that speaks with one voice on major issues, can negotiate on an equal footing with other regions of the world. Such a Europe does not deprive us of our national identity, but rather complements and enriches it.

We, therefore, encourage the 5 million companies in retail and wholesale and the 26 million people working in the sector to strengthen Europe by making their voices heard. Vote for Europe in the elections between 6-9 June 2024! Say YES to peace and freedom and a strong Single Market.

EuroCommerce - Go Vote message

Christel Delberghe – Director General of EuroCommerce

“The European elections are crucial for all of us as citizens, but then they also impact businesses, and that includes retail and wholesale. The results will shape how the European Union defines its priorities in the future and how it is addressing the global challenges. The parliament has the power to shape legislation in the future, and that includes the Single Market, consumer protection standards and environmental standards, workers’ rights or trade policies or digital legislation. Voting is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility. I encourage colleagues and members to make sure that you are all registered in this election, that you mark your calendars to take part, and that you also encourage your friends and families to take part in the election. Don’t take anything for granted. Let’s make our voices heard together for a more prosperous Europe.”

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Our 2024-2029 Manifesto




Retail and wholesale are key partners in Europe’s future

We call on the incoming EU institutions to work together with us to create the conditions for success and to transform the challenges we face into opportunities for a stronger, more competitive and more resilient Europe.

We all need to focus on making the EU a global leader in attracting investment and in retaining and growing talent. This should be based on partnership and coherent, practicable policy, supported by a resilient and dynamic Single Market, delivering sustainable growth.

We stand ready to help strengthen the EU as one of its most essential sectors and to lead by example on the European and global stage.