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22/03/2024Position paperJobs & Skills
Joint EU employers’ statement on the revision of the European Works Councils Directive ahead of the vote in European Parliament’s EMPL Committee on 3 April 2024
13/02/2024Position paperJobs & Skills
European Sectoral Social Partners in Commerce to renew focus on the digital and green transition
13/02/2024Position paperJobs & Skills
Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Commerce Work Programme 2024-2025
16/11/2023Press releaseJobs & Skills
Retailers and wholesalers applaud efforts to boost talent in the EU as people are key to competitiveness
12/09/2023Press releaseJobs & Skills
Skills4Retail roundtable: Accelerating the Triple Transition in European Retail through skills
07/06/2023Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market, Jobs & Skills
Pay Transparency Directive requires implementation that is mindful of regulatory burden
29/11/2022Press releaseJobs & Skills
Social partners in retail and wholesale join forces in Skills Partnership
29/11/2022Reports and studiesJobs & Skills
Pact for Skills – Skills Partnership for the Retail Ecosystem
14/09/2022Press releaseJobs & Skills
Retail and Wholesale committed to making forced labour history, but needs consistent EU rules
18/03/2022Press releaseJobs & Skills
EU Pay Transparency proposal: Sectoral employers’ organisations urge the plenary to endorse a more balanced approach on Pay Transparency
09/03/2022Press releaseJobs & Skills
EU Pay Transparency Proposal: Sectoral Employers’ Organisations Suggest a More Balanced Approach