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Facts about Retail

Get a clearer picture of the value retailers contribute to the European economy, the diversity of their businesses, and the benefits they bring to Europe’s citizens.


Commerce for Ukraine

Retailers and wholesalers support the people of Ukraine


Wholesale at the Centre of Europe’s Economy

Discover the diverse roles of wholesalers across a wide range of sectors and the challenges they face.


European E-Commerce Report 2023

This annual report sets out the latest figures for e-commerce in Europe. The report is prepared by the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for EuroCommerce and Ecommerce Europe. 

State of Grocery Retail 2024

Discover the 8 trends we identified for the grocery retail sector and read the report by EuroCommerce and McKinsey.


Latest Releases

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Turn words into action, make the Single Market work for all!
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Mondelez €337.5 million fine is a step forward for the Single Market
17/05/2024Public LettersEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy, Trade
EUDR information system not yet on track to meet requirements of properly functioning supply chains
17/05/2024Reports and studiesCompetitiveness & Single Market, Trade
Single Market Barriers Overview
15/05/2024Position paperTrade
CEPA coalition applauds constructive discussions at EU-Indonesia business roundtable
13/05/2024Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Joint Retail Statement on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive
25/04/2024Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Competitiveness & Single Market
Unfair trading practices: focus on facts, not haste!
22/04/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Payment terms vote: time to descend from the ivory tower

EuroCommerce Manifesto 2024-2029

Delivering a dynamic Single Market and sustainable growth


Farm to Fork

Europe’s food retailers and wholesalers act sustainably

Every day, food retailers and wholesalers take action, demonstrating their strong commitment to sustainability.

Retail & Wholesale: an essential service

1 in 4 companies in the EU are SME retailers and wholesalers

Retail and Wholesale represents 10% of the EU’s GDP

We provide work to 26 million Europeans, so 1 in 7 of all jobs