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Facts about Retail

Get a clearer picture of the value retailers contribute to the European economy, the diversity of their businesses, and the benefits they bring to Europe’s citizens.

Commerce for Ukraine

Retailers and wholesalers support the people of Ukraine

Wholesale at the Centre of Europe’s Economy

Discover the diverse roles of wholesalers across a wide range of sectors and the challenges they face.

Transforming the EU Retail & Wholesale Sector

The retail and wholesale sector is in the midst of transformative change and investing now in transforming digitally and sustainably and in talent and skills is crucial. To make these investments, the sector needs support.

Latest Releases

01/02/2023Press releaseEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Retailers and wholesalers standing at the ready to deploy cleantech
30/01/2023Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Safeguarding the Single Market freedoms during times of crisis
27/01/2023Press releaseTaxation
Businesses call for further facilitation of VAT Registration
19/01/2023Press releaseDigital, Technology & Payments
Joint industry statement on the Data Act: Safeguards necessary to ensure Chapter V preserves data holders’ fundamental rights
19/01/2023Press releaseEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Joint Business Statement on the due diligence proposal (CS3D)
13/12/2022Press releaseDigital, Technology & Payments
EuroCommerce and NRF Welcome European Commission’s Preliminary Decision on Transatlantic Data Framework
08/12/2022Press releaseTaxation
Bringing VAT rules to business realities of the 21st century
07/12/2022Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Making the Single Market work for everyone

State of Grocery Retail 2022

Read the report by EuroCommerce and McKinsey

Farm to Fork:
Europe’s food retailers and wholesalers act sustainably

Every day, food retailers and wholesalers take action, demonstrating their strong commitment to sustainability. They cooperate with farmers & other partners, promote sustainability & healthy lifestyles, and support sustainable practices. You will find here some of the sector’s examples supporting the Farm to Fork strategy.

Retail & Wholesale: an essential service

1 in 4 companies in the EU are SME retailers and wholesalers

Retail and Wholesale represents 10% of the EU’s GDP

We provide work to 26 million Europeans, so 1 in 7 of all jobs