Lidl Switzerland has sought for years to reduce its energy consumption, and during the crisis, has optimized its use of lights. The lights of the logos store are switched off before and after opening hours.

Trade federation FCD are committed to the energy sobriety plan, and the following best practice. To reduce the lighting of the sales area by 50%. Turn off advertisements and illuminated signs in shops at least between 1am and 6am. Further practices carried out by CDF members are installation of LED bulbs for lighting.

ANGED companies manage to reduce energy consumption thanks to the implementation of saving measures in all their workplaces. For example, with the central lighting control, replacement of conventional lighting equipment to lighting efficiency (LED).

Comeos has shared a best practice for their members to shut down all lighting (publicity, windows, parking’s) one hour after the closing of the shops.

In Netherland companies are working on a project named “close the door and turn off the light”. All retail front doors should be closed when the temperature outside is lower than 10 degrees / when you turn on your heat and turn off lights (incl. dressing windows) within 1 hour after you close your shop in the evening.

FederDistribuzione together with member companies operating in both food and non-food sectors, have defined voluntary guidelines to be applied in shops and in operations, with the aim of contributing to the common effort to contain energy consumption in the country. The voluntary guidelines regard for example lighting in shops and related electricty measures.