SOCR ČR has shared with members the best practices on lighting in stores. After closing, SOCR ČR recommends 1/3 lighting, which is sufficient for any work performed after hours. Outdoor lights, such as those in parking lots or in signage, should only be active for 15 minutes before and after the store closes. Additionally, LED lights should replace most regular lights, particularly in fixtures that will be active after operating hours. Stores can continue to be efficient by implementing smart LED light controls with the ability to dim or intensify in the presence of people and by setting the maximum lighting to 600 lux for stores over 5,000 m² in sales area. Stores should also review their needs for accent lighting. Since many stores have already implemented these measures, it is important to check if these meansures are working as intended. This includes checking if the lighting systems meet these standards on sales floors, shopping centres, entrances, parking lots, logos and pylons).