Sonae’s Plug&Charge system improving energy efficiency

MC’s Plug&Charge network for electrical vehicles continues to grow across the country offering our customers an enhanced shopping experience in which they can charge their cars, while benefitting from all the offers we have in store. The Plug&Charge offers the same conditions across the country and in 2022, 47 of our stores had Plug&Charge services. Since its launch, in 2020, the network has prevented the release of 13,372 tonnes of CO2.


Driving forward the Mobility Revolution

The Schwarz Group is investing in the expansion of electric charging infrastructure. Currently, more than 2,100 charging stations for electric vehicles are already available at the stores of the retail companies Lidl and Kaufland. Numerous other stores will be successively equipped with charging stations. Here, customers can charge their car while shopping. The Schwarz Group is the operator of a large electric charging infrastructure network and a supporter of the mobility transition. When expanding the electric charging infrastructure, the Schwarz Group relies on an intelligent mix of AC and DC charging stations of different performance classes. Depending on the location and vehicle type, users of electric vehicles can increase the range of their vehicle by up to 200 kilometers during a thirty-minute shopping trip.