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EuroCommerce positions on reduced VAT rates and treatment of vouchers 22 Jan 2013

EuroCommerce has adopted two position papers on VAT: on reduced rates and the treatment of vouchers. We recognise the need for a EU-wide VAT system with harmonised rules, one VAT administration and one VAT return. However, as there are currently no signs of harmonisation, EuroCommerce suggests maintaining Member States’ autonomy to apply reduced rates.

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VAT Rates in the EU 17 Sep 2013

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OECD negotiators must now agree on how to modernise international taxation

Ahead of the talks in the OECD this week in Paris, EuroCommerce Director General Christian Verschueren pressed negotiators to make concrete progress on modernising international taxation systems:

“Retailers and wholesalers, both online and offline, support the OECD discussions on modernising corporate tax systems and make them appropriate to the digitalised global economy. It is essential that negotiators now find common ground on taking forward the negotiations to find a multinational solution and avoid a growing trend towards fragmented national approaches.”

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Greener, Fairer and Simpler VAT and Excise duties - and zero VAT and customs duties for protective equipment during COVID-19 crisis

Speaking today on the publication of the EuroCommerce paper on VAT and excise duties, EuroCommerce Director-General commented:

 “Twenty-seven years after the Single Market was meant to have been completed, very different VAT rules in Member States remain some of the most significant barriers for companies to trade cross-border. We acknowledge the improvements which have been made, such as the VAT One-Stop-Shop and the abolition of the VAT threshold on imports from third countries, which we expect to see implemented thoroughly next January. But further progress is both possible and urgently needed in making VAT and excise duties work for the economy. We need to make taxation greener, fairer and simpler, and transform customs procedures to help lift Europe out of the economic recession after the COVID-19 crisis.”

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Simplification of Taxation and Fight Against Tax Fraud vital to driving recovery

EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented on today’s publication of the European Commission “Action Plan to fight against tax evasion and to make taxation simple and easy”:

“After 27 years of the supposedly complete single market, a more harmonised taxation system remains one of its major pieces of unfinished business. It should be the easiest thing in the world to operate a company cross-border in Europe, but, on top of other barriers, a burdensome and fragmented tax bureaucracy makes this a real headache.  Many governments have recognised, in the current crisis, that easing tax obligations are vital to supporting and driving economic recovery. If this is true now, it is equally important to address these barriers and burdens on a permanent basis.”

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