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19/03/2024Position paperPayments
Legal tender status of euro cash: merchants call for reasonable exemptions from mandatory acceptance
12/03/2024Position paperPayments
Digital Euro: Merchants support a fast, innovative, and low-cost pan-European payment method
01/03/2024Position paperPayments
Joint Statement on the treatment of Merchant Initiated Transactions under the Payment Services Regulation
24/01/2024Position paperPayments
For retailers ‘cash’ is not always ‘king’
04/12/2023Competitiveness & Single Market, Payments
Why flexible payments support a vibrant European retail and wholesale sector – an infographic
12/09/2023Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market, Payments
Commission proposal on payment terms risks causing distress rather than relief
06/09/2023Press releaseDigital, Technology & Payments, Payments
Press Release: Will low-value gift cards survive the Anti-Money Laundering Regulation?
25/08/2023Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market, Payments
Tightening rules on payment terms will create a severe cashflow crisis for retail & wholesale
28/06/2023Press releaseDigital, Technology & Payments, Payments
Digital Euro: Retailers and wholesalers generally supportive but have crucial concerns
27/06/2023Public LettersDigital, Technology & Payments, Payments
European industry associations call for payments in the Digital Identity Regulation to be non-mandatory