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23/06/2022Press releaseConsumer protection
Retailers working hard to help consumers in a time of high inflation
05/04/2022Position paperConsumer protection
Making repair the most attractive option for consumers and retailers
04/04/2022Public LettersConsumer protection
Letter to President von der Leyen: Impact of Ukraine crisis on retail and wholesale – and consumers
24/03/2022Press releaseConsumer protection
Retail and wholesale seriously concerned at energy crisis and needs support
10/03/2022Press releaseConsumer protection
Energy and inflation – Europe needs to minimise damage to consumers
18/11/2021Press releaseConsumer protection
Competition central to future prosperity of Europe and consumers’ welfare
04/11/2021Position paperConsumer protection
Proposal for a General Product Safety Regulation: a core issue to keep consumers safe
16/07/2021Public LettersConsumer protection
Working together to ensure a smart transition towards digital product information to consumers
30/06/2021Press releaseConsumer protection
EuroCommerce welcomes modernisation of product safety rules
10/06/2021Press releaseConsumer protection
European Parliament competition report right to call for action to protect consumers
11/12/2020Press releaseConsumer protection
A properly working single market for sourcing consumer products would save consumers €14 billion
19/11/2020Press releaseConsumer protection
High time for Europe’s consumers to benefit from the single market