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17/06/2024Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Joint letter: Competitiveness must be on the menu for EU leaders tonight
27/05/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Turn words into action, make the Single Market work for all!
23/05/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Mondelez €337.5 million fine is a step forward for the Single Market
17/05/2024Reports and studiesCompetitiveness & Single Market, Trade
Single Market Barriers Overview
13/05/2024Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Joint Retail Statement on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive
25/04/2024Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Competitiveness & Single Market
Unfair trading practices: focus on facts, not haste!
22/04/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Payment terms vote: time to descend from the ivory tower
22/04/2024Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Joint statement on the proposed Late Payments regulation
22/04/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Juan Manuel Morales re-elected as EuroCommerce President
22/04/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Juan Manuel Morales, reelegido presidente de EuroCommerce
18/04/2024Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Rapidly changing retail wants to secure consumer trust
18/04/2024Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market, Consumer protection
Consumer trust is essential to enable the green & digital transformation in retail