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05/07/2023Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Environment, Sustainability & Energy
Retailers and wholesalers weigh in on waste framework directive: Request harmonisation for textiles and action by everyone linked to food waste
12/05/2023Public LettersAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Environment, Sustainability & Energy
Joint letter asking for increased dialogue with united EU food chain to ensure a robust and enforceable Framework Legislation on Sustainable Food Systems
08/05/2023Reports and studiesAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Competitiveness & Single Market, Consumer protection
Living and responding to uncertainty: The State of Grocery Retail 2023.
27/03/2023Public LettersAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Digital, Technology & Payments
Joint letter – Industry alliance calls for digital solutions for product information that work for all
15/02/2023Position paperAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Response to Roadmap “Farm to Fork” Strategy
07/06/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
World Food Safety Day: EU Agri-food chain’s commitment to safer food for better health
28/04/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Retail and wholesale fully committed to sustainable food – but need flexibility for finding best solutions
19/04/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Food supply chain – Working together to ensure reliable food supplies for Europe
23/03/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Food security: 4 actions for policymakers
15/03/2022Position paperAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Imports of agricultural and food products – Applying EU health and environmental standards – Call for Evidence
03/11/2021Position paperAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Making Retail and Wholesale part of the solution to fight food waste
19/10/2021Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Retailers and wholesalers working for sustainable food supply chain