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01/06/2023Public LettersPayments
Joint industry letter calling for a reversal of the UK-EEA interchange fee hike
12/05/2023Public LettersAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Environment, Sustainability & Energy
Joint letter asking for increased dialogue with united EU food chain to ensure a robust and enforceable Framework Legislation on Sustainable Food Systems
27/03/2023Public LettersAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health, Digital, Technology & Payments
Joint letter – Industry alliance calls for digital solutions for product information that work for all
27/03/2023Public LettersPayments
Call to Action – Safeguard the Customer Due Diligence Exemption for low-risk, low-value e-money products
27/03/2023Public LettersCompetitiveness & Single Market
Joint letter: Companies call for a level playing field on due diligence
16/02/2023Public LettersDigital, Technology & Payments
Joint letter on instant payments
04/04/2022Public LettersConsumer protection
Letter to President von der Leyen: Impact of Ukraine crisis on retail and wholesale – and consumers
16/07/2021Public LettersConsumer protection
Working together to ensure a smart transition towards digital product information to consumers
14/07/2021Public LettersDigital, Technology & Payments
Transatlantic industry urge swift agreement on EU-U.S. personal data flows
28/06/2021Public LettersCompetitiveness & Single Market
Disruptions in Maritime Supply Chains
30/04/2021Public LettersDigital, Technology & Payments
Measuring the impact on Strong Customer Authentication in Europe