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17/11/2022Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Price control mechanisms at food retail level
17/11/2022Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Cost of living – key messages on inflation and taxation
14/11/2022Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Retailer alliances – defending consumers’ interests
27/10/2022Position paperConsumer protection
Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition
27/10/2022Press releaseEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
EuroCommerce plus seven national retail associations pledge to accelerate climate action for the Race to Zero
26/10/2022Press releaseDigital, Technology & Payments
European retail and wholesale ready to support rapid take-up of instant payments
25/10/2022Position paperCompetitiveness & Single Market
Transforming the retail and wholesale sector – Key measures to support Europe’s largest private sector employer
25/10/2022Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Retail and Wholesale Transformation May Require up to 600 Billion in Investments to Future-Proof the Sector
14/10/2022Position paperConsumer protection
Text for public statement implementation PID
14/10/2022Position paperConsumer protection
EuroCommerce Recommendations Price Indication Directive
12/10/2022Press releaseEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
European retail and wholesale press for urgent support in energy crisis
10/10/2022Press releaseDigital, Technology & Payments
Retail and wholesale welcome Executive Order on transatlantic data flows