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Our President & Board


The Board of Directors

BoD Sep 2015 

Caption: Board of Directors (Brussels, September 2015)

The President

Kenneth Bengtsson

Caption: Kenneth Bengtsson

The President chairs over the governing bodies of EuroCommerce. Kenneth Bengtsson is the current President. 

General Assembly, Board of Administration & Steering Committee

The General Assembly is made up of all EuroCommerce full members. It approves the annual budget and accounts, the admission of full members, and elects the President.

The Board of Administration is made up of the full member associations. It appoints the Steering Committee, as well as the admission of company and affiliated members, and approves EuroCommerce's policies.

The Steering Committee is made up of the President, 22 board members, and 3 designated company members, reflecting a balanced geographical and sectoral representation. It monitors the management and running of EuroCommerce, proposes political guidelines, and promotes dialogue within the European institutions.

The Director-General & the EuroCommerce team

Christian Verschueren is the Director-General of EuroCommerce since July 2011. He heads the 20-strong secretariat, supervising the work of the committees and working groups, and coordinating major advocacy and communication activities at EU level.

Committees and Working Groups

The committees and working groups are made up of experts appointed by member associations and companies, chaired by a member representative. They are managed on a day-to-day basis by the EuroCommerce staff. This is where issues are debated, positions are formed, actions plans to defend the interests of the retail and wholesale sector in the European Institutions and promote the image of retail and wholesale among EU decision makers, are being decided.