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20 April 2016

Member States self-interest fragmenting the single market

Christian Verschueren, Director-General of EuroCommerce, today commented on the European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Rights committee adoption of two important own initiative reports by Daniel Dalton (UK, ECR) and Lara Comi (IT, EPP). Both reports press the Commission and Member States to act on further deepening the Single Market, breaking down unjustified barriers that fragment the single market, and removing discriminatory and protectionist national practices.

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"The Narratives"

EuroCommerce Narrative on Retail and Wholesale in a changing world…

The world is changing rapidly. Retailers and wholesalers have repeatedly shown how resilient and adaptive they are, and are moving ahead with embracing this change, providing value to customers, suppliers, and society at large. This great story is worth telling – both to the sector and to the wider world. And the story needs to say clearly what we want from the EU and from national governments to make our sector sustainably competitive.

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"The Narratives"
  • European Wholesale Sector

    When it comes to the supply of goods across the entire value chain, wholesale is the lynchpin between producers, retailers and the consumer. In fact, it is one of the EU’s largest non-financial business sectors creating 10 million jobs and accounting for over 22% of all turnover generated – a phenomenal €5.2 trillion. Ralph Kamphoner talks about the challenges that wholesale faces.

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