Comeos’ best practice in terms of optimising of cooling and heating system are firstly, to shut the doors of shops where possible. Second to have comfort temperature in shops limited to 19°c.

FederDistribuzione together with member companies operating in both food and non-food sectors, have defined voluntary guidelines to be applied in shops and in operations, with the aim of contributing to the common effort to contain energy consumption in the country. The voluntary guidelines regard refrigeration and heating.

Raad Nederlandse Detailhandel has agreed on the following best practices. To keep doors closed as much as possible. Rule of thumb: If your door is open on average more than 15 minutes per hour (due to the ingress and exit of customers), an air curtain saves energy.
RND advise to all use the same door sign: Of course we are – OPEN – The door is only closed to save energy.

ANGED proposes to its member companies the following best practice in terms of cooling and heating systems: Replacement of cold power stations and air conditioning equipment and heating systems.

Trade federation FCD are committed to the energy sobriety plan, and the following best practice. To lower the temperature of heating setpoints by at least 1 degree (which represents 7% heating savings). Close the exterior doors of stores subject to technical feasibility and customer accessibility. Maintain a minimum temperature at night to avoid power peaks at 8am.

Further practices carried out by FCD members are to close their shutters at night. Ventilate the space even during winter. First to renew the air and breathe better in the house of course. But also, to evacuate moisture because humid air is more difficult to heat. Install door and window sealers. Check the state of the insulation. Transform your current electric radiator in a connected radiator. Replace your electric heater with a more economic one. Regulate your central heating. Heating to 17 degrees maximum in stores – adapt the temperature of the rooms according to their use. Removal of hot water in the toilet.