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13/04/2023Position paperTaxation
Single VAT Registration in the EU: Towards a Unified VAT Solution
27/01/2023Press releaseTaxation
Businesses call for further facilitation of VAT Registration
08/12/2022Press releaseTaxation
Bringing VAT rules to business realities of the 21st century
02/06/2022Press releaseTaxation
VAT in the Digital Age: Single VAT ID Registration Roundtable
06/10/2021Press releaseTaxation
Joint Press Release – Single VAT ID Registration Towards a Unified VAT Solution
06/10/2021Position paperTaxation
Joint Paper – Single VAT ID Registration: Towards a Unified VAT Solution
18/05/2021Press releaseTaxation
The economy has been transformed – taxation needs to catch up
30/04/2021Press releaseTaxation
EU Commissioner Gentiloni discusses recovery and digital taxation with retail leaders
16/03/2021Press releaseTaxation
Taxes on retail turnover a short-sighted attack on innovation and consumers’ purchasing power
15/07/2020Press releaseTaxation
Simplification of Taxation and Fight Against Tax Fraud vital to driving recovery