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05/05/2022Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Competition – even more important today for EU recovery and tackling inflation
28/04/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Retail and wholesale fully committed to sustainable food – but need flexibility for finding best solutions
19/04/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Food supply chain – Working together to ensure reliable food supplies for Europe
31/03/2022Press releaseCompetitiveness & Single Market
Grocery Retailers Facing Real Challenges Returning to Precovid Levels with Consumer Purchasing Power Hit by Inflation
30/03/2022Press releaseEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
A successful EU Textile Strategy needs close involvement of supply chain
30/03/2022Press releaseEnvironment, Sustainability & Energy
Sustainable Products Initiative: the right approach – but legislators must keep it workable
24/03/2022Press releaseConsumer protection
Retail and wholesale seriously concerned at energy crisis and needs support
23/03/2022Press releaseAgriculture, Food, Nutrition & Health
Food security: 4 actions for policymakers
22/03/2022Press releaseTrade
Retailers and wholesalers support citizens of Ukraine
18/03/2022Press releaseJobs & Skills
EU Pay Transparency proposal: Sectoral employers’ organisations urge the plenary to endorse a more balanced approach on Pay Transparency
10/03/2022Press releaseConsumer protection
Energy and inflation – Europe needs to minimise damage to consumers
09/03/2022Press releaseJobs & Skills
EU Pay Transparency Proposal: Sectoral Employers’ Organisations Suggest a More Balanced Approach