The retail and wholesale industry is in the midst of an accelerated Triple Transformation – Sustainability · Digitalisation · Skills.

We would like to invite you to an exclusive webinar on our report – ‘Transforming the EU Retail and Wholesale sectoron 25 October 2022.

McKinsey and EuroCommerce experts will be joined by industry leaders to discuss the actions and investments needed by the sector to successfully achieve the transformation it is pursuing in digitalisation, sustainability and talent.

We will highlight key findings and what stands in the way of retailers and wholesalers in making that transformation to remain competitive in these turbulent times.  This report will be relevant to retailers, wholesalers and EU policymakers in gaining important insights into the outlook for the sector up to 2030. In preparing our report, we have surveyed and interviewed more than 20 leading actors in retail and wholesale, covering a range of subsectors in Europe.

Questions we will address:

  • Where are we now and what needs to change by 2030 in all three areas (sustainability, digitalisation, skills)?
  • What does this mean for executives in this industry?