Sustainable procurement of consumer foods plays a critical role in achieving Europe’s social, climate, and environmental goals for its food system. However, the implementation presents a significant challenge due to the complexity of managing thousands of products and specific impacts. Until recently, most retailers addressed sustainable procurement through certification. Now, many retailers are adopting scope III measurement, but approaches differ. Some focus on carbon, while others cover environmental and social impacts in line with CSRD and CS3D.


Best practices and how to take the next step 
The Sustainable Value Chains team from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) courteously invites you to our free CLEVERFOOD webinar on Thursday 29 February, 2-3 PM (CET). 


Koen Boone, Coordinator Sustainable Value Chains at WUR, will provide an overview of current trends in sustainable procurement. Julian Markus, sustainability advisor at Jumbo supermarkets (Netherlands) will share lessons on Scope III carbon measurement, and Els Bedert, Director of Product and Sustainability at EuroCommerce, will provide a European perspective on Scope III activities of retailers and other AgriFood Stakeholders. Willem Ruster (programme Sustainability Management at WUR) will present a THESIS case (of WUR’s collaboration within The Sustainability Consortium) for a Scope III perspective on social and environmental sustainability. Finally, we open the digital room for questions of participants and discussion between panel members.

By joining this webinar, you can: 

  • learn more about best practices,
  • gain insights on how to take the next step in sustainable procurement,
  • discuss the current status and challenges with other researchers and retailers.

EuroCommerce speaker

Els Bedert

Director, Product Policy & Sustainability

Els works on food, non food and sustainability policies. She focuses on farm to fork and has led the sectors positioning on official controls, food safety, organic production, market surveillance, chemical regulation and more. Els is a Belgian national and alumna of Ghent University. She speaks Dutch, English and French.