In an ever-changing economic landscape, legal regulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a fair and competitive marketplace. This study day aims to take a close look at the specific legal challenges faced by retailers, distributors and franchisors, highlighting the regulatory complexities and best practices for ensuring compliance while promoting innovation and growth.

Legal regulation is of paramount importance in ensuring a fair and competitive business environment.

Over the course of the day, we will cover a range of technical topics, from analysing pricing in franchise networks to examining supplier-distributor relationships and the legal implications of consumer protection.

With a focus on the latest legal developments, practical case studies and compliance best practice, the day provides a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to keep abreast of trends and regulatory requirements.

EuroCommerce speaker

Niccolo Ciulli

Adviser, Competitiveness and Commercial relations

Niccolo is advisor for competitiveness and commercial relations and coordinates the work of the EuroCommerce Supply Chain Committee on competition policy and business-to business trading practices. Niccolo is Italian and previously worked and studied in the United Kingdom.