Retailers and wholesalers play a key role in Europe’s prosperity and are central to the colourful fabric of our communities.

We are a driver for competitiveness and sustainable growth 

Our businesses have unrivalled reach and integration within communities across the EU. They support numerous industrial ecosystems and serve the whole population with a huge range of goods and services.

Retailers and wholesalers are very diverse. They bring vitality, social engagement and vibrancy to our towns, cities and villages. They support the European way of life and deliver choice and prosperity for Europe’s citizens. The economic activity we generate is delivered within people’s communities and is connected with their daily lives and to the local jobs they provide.

As a sector, we are resilient and we continue to adapt and evolve, constantly finding new ways to meet the needs of our customers. We form a key element of Europe’s world-leading economy.

We champion transition
Our focus on sustainable, digital, and skills transformation is making a key contribution to Europe’s strategic transition goals. In partnership with our employees, customers, and consumers, we are investing and developing increasingly sustainable business models year-on-year. We aim to deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals while continuing to adapt, constantly responding to the changing needs and demands of our customers.
We are key partners in Europe’s future
Our sector embodies commitment, resourcefulness, and drive. We foster innovation and investment and are committed to building a stronger, more resilient continent, that provides affordable, safe, healthy, and sustainable products and services for all.