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Retailers and farmers - partners in the food chain - 3 MAY 2017

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Retailer Brands Event - 19 APR 2016

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Supply Chain Initiative Annual Event - 27 JAN 2016

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Unfair Trading Practices – Fairness for farmers and consumers – not profit for multinationals

The SCA and Agriculture Council will be asked over the coming weeks to decide on a set of amendments presently being rushed through the institutional process, the most fundamental of which is to give large manufacturers, who operate all over the world, the same protection as small farmers and SMEs.

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Retailers regret farmers' lobby continuing to focus on wrong issues in the food supply chain

Reacting to the debate in the European Parliament hearing on the report of the Agricultural Markets Task Force today, retailers expressed deep regret that the debate continued to focus on the misleading and mistaken belief that EU legislation on trading practices can resolve the problems of farmers in the supply chain. They repeated their strong support for helping farmers to provide competitive produce which consumers want to buy, but stressed that this was not the way to achieve this.

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