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Digital Single Market Event - 11 JUN 2019

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Single Market for Services remains a top priority for retail and wholesale

The digital revolution is forcing fundamental change to the retail and wholesale sector. It depends on free movement of goods and services around Europe and the world, and therefore shares with the whole EU economy the imperative of resisting populist pressure to break up the Single Market.

As a contribution to the ongoing debate on how to develop a competitive Europe, EuroCommerce has launched its paper ‘Making the Single Market a fairer, sustainable and globally competitive space’, setting out the retail and wholesale sector’s ideas for the next Commission on how to strengthen and deepen the Single Market and stimulate economic growth and jobs.

These ideas were echoed in a keynote address by Director-General Christian Verschueren at the High-Level Conference on Retail organised by the European Commission last week.

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Retailers generally in favour of EU deal reached on Data Protection Regulation

The retail and wholesale sector believes that the agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation, providing harmonised rules across the EU, is generally positive. The same rules everywhere will greatly facilitate cross-border expansion for many retailers. We have also called for balanced rules, which the agreement has achieved for SMEs.

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Single Digital Gateway

EuroCommerce welcomes the Commission action announced in the Digital Single Market1 and Single Market Strategy2 of ‘extending and integrating European and national portals to work towards a 'Single Digital Gateway' to create a user friendly information system for citizens and business.’ Streamlining access to national and EU contact points and improving their quality is essential to increase trust among businesses and citizens to explore and exploit the potential of the Single Market. The Single Digital Gateway would also be an excellent tool to achieve a significant reduction of administrative burden for businesses.

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Position of the retail and wholesale sector on the Draft Data Protection Regulation in view of the trilogue 2015

We support the efforts of EU legislators to create a harmonised data protection framework. The draft Data Protection Regulation (“Regulation”) will not only set higher standards for the protection of individuals’ privacy, it will also establish the same rules for all companies. Eliminating a large number of varying data protection rules will be a major step forward for companies operating cross-border. 

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