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EuroCommerce views on social taxonomy


Retailers and wholesalers take of their role in addressing key societal challenges seriously, including how to address potential risks in their supply chains. Sustainable initiatives are the result of a lengthy process involving internal actors and engaging partners in the supply chain and as a minimum relying on appropriate enforcement of national legislation. Success is embedded in cooperation, and it is built on long-term and trustworthy relationships based on but not limited to strict criteria defined according to International guidance and standards.

The sector has long been committed to be part of the solution and has been involved in setting measurable and transparent actions such as

  • Respect for Human Rights through own voluntary due diligence measures, corporate Human Rights policies and grievance mechanisms.
  • Respect for Human Rights among suppliers by voluntary initiatives and responsible business agreements.
  • Developing and participating in company schemes focused on improvements in their commodity or regions or both
  • Cooperation among multinationals  to tackle human rights and environmental challenges.

This document intends to give some preliminary feedback to the draft report by Subgroup 4 Social Taxonomy

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