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Breakfast Briefing on Non-Tariff Barriers - 27 JAN 2016

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A better working Single Market essential for retailers and wholesalers

The European Commission yesterday published its Single Market Compliance Package. The package should improve access of all retail and wholesale business, but especially SMEs, to new markets and help them resolve cross-border problems. Reacting to the publication, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren underlined the importance for the retailers and wholesalers of a better functioning Single Market.

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Retail and wholesale call for further progress on a Digital Single Market to make Europe a global leader

Two years after the launch of the Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Commission issued a mid-term assessment of progress. EuroCommerce has strongly supported the strategy and the Commission’s efforts to create a truly Single Market fit for the digital age. This support continues, but the retail and wholesale sector is asking European decision-makers to create ambitious rules for the digital transformation of the European economy. In particular, Europe needs action to allow consumers and traders to make the most of the potential of a market of 500 million Europeans.

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Retailers and wholesalers press for notification of services regulation as for goods

Speaking ahead of consideration by EU ambassadors of the Commission proposal to provide for more effective notification of national laws under the Services Directive, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren underlined the importance for the retail and wholesale sector of a system that allows the Commission and European stakeholders to have a chance to comment on new national rules aimed at regulating services before they are adopted.

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Retailers and wholesalers call for fair competition for platforms

Speaking ahead of the European Parliament’s adoption of a report on platforms drafted by MEPs Henna Virkunnen (EPP-FI) and Philippe Juvin (EPP-FR), EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

“In the future, platforms will become a more and more important feature in the retail landscape. This will create disruption to some traditional business models, but will also offer new opportunities for innovation and scaling up. Retailers and wholesalers have transformed themselves many times over, in order to meet consumer demand, and are already embracing digital technology to provide what consumers want. But in this, it will be important that competition between bricks-and-mortar retailers, pure player e-commerce companies and platforms is fair. Any policies related to platforms should be developed in a way that helps all retailers of all sizes and channels to meet consumer demand, and which removes unjustified and unfair competitive advantages to any particular retail channel.”

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