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Retail & wholesale working for a healthy lifestyle - 15 MAY 2018

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Every Meal Matters - Food Donation Guidelines - 29 JUN 2016

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Global Food Safety Conference - 29 FEB 2016

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Don’t let regulation get in the way of consumers buying more organic food

Speaking today on the vote in the European Parliament on the EU Organic Production Regulation, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren warned that the text agreed left some difficult questions unanswered while potentially hindering EU organic products reaching the consumer:

“Despite what some people have said, consumer confidence in organic foods and demand for them has increased significantly, with sales continuing to boom – growing 12% and reaching over 30 billion euros. Retailers already struggle to source sufficient supplies of quality organic produce to meet consumers’ demand.  We are glad that there is finally agreement on a text, but worry that it only answers part of the question and imposes controls on retailers and wholesalers which will deter, rather than increase the offer of organic produce, while doing little to improve public confidence.”

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Retailers press for rules that help, not hinder tackling food waste

Retailers and wholesalers today called on national governments and the EU to make it easier to reduce food waste and increase food donation. While all parties in the food chain have a responsibility, and therefore a role to play, in solving this global problem, governments need to help as well. Europeans throw away more than 88 million tonnes of food every year. If there is no action to change this, food waste could rise to over 120 million tonnes by 2020. Christian Verschueren, Director-General of EuroCommerce, said: “It is a scandal, both environmentally and socially, that wholesome food goes to waste. We call upon the EU and national governments to look carefully at their rules and help address the obstacles holding us all back from exploiting the potential for moving closer to eliminating food waste.”

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