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Overview: Legislation regarding shop opening hours in Europe

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UNI Europa Commerce and EuroCommerce sign a pledge for quality apprenticeships

UNI Europa Commerce and EuroCommerce today signed a pledge to raise awareness and support more quality, access and fairness in apprenticeships in retail and wholesale.

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Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive

The general provisions of the proposed Directive significantly extend competences to the EU level that were previously left to national authorities under the original Written Statement Directive (91/533/EEC). EuroCommerce and its member associations strongly defend the principle of subsidiarity. In this respect, we reject various prominent features of this Directive such as an extension of the scope to include atypical working relationships (workers working up to eight hours per week or less than one month, that were previously excluded), a definition of worker at the EU level and horizontal provisions on compliance, protection from dismissal and sanctions.

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Health and Safety brochure

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Entrepreneurship education: inspiring the next generation

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