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Unfair Trading Practices – over-implementation won’t help farmers

With member states in the final stages of transposing the Unfair Trading Practices (UTP) Directive, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented today:

“We believe strongly in cooperation across the chain as a means of creating the right conditions for the sustainability of farmers and the agri-food chain across Europe. We are very concerned at national governments over-implementing the UTP directive. This will simply increase consumer prices and undermine the single market, without creating any benefit to farmers.  We are asking the Commission, when assessing national implementation measures, to look at how to preserve the spirit of the Directive - which was clearly to support smaller farmers and suppliers in dealing with a larger buyer.”

Retailers and wholesalers deliver an essential service, providing consumers with a wide choice of food products at competitive prices. They purchase most of what they sell from large manufacturers and other suppliers, and very little (less than 5%) directly from farmers. Retailers are investing in numerous initiatives to support farmers and SME suppliers (see how on our website:

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Implementation of Unfair Trading Practices Directive and impact

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