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Commerce sector's position on Payments Package ahead of trialogue discussions 28 Oct 2014

Ahead of trialogue discussions, the commerce sector urges the European Council and Parliament to devise a text that sets harmonised caps on debit and credit cards with no 'weighted average', includes three-party schemes and commerical cards within the regulation, and one that removes the honour-all-cards rule and ensures swift implemention. Such a text will allow for healthier competition - something that is much needed in the retail payments market to promote innovation, improve customer service and ensure flexibility.

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We need urgent action on card fees, say Europe’s payment users

The European Payment Users Alliance represents businesses and consumers across Europe. We have a simple message for Europe’s politicians: we need the interchange fee regulation as a matter of urgency. The regulation on interchange fees must be treated as an absolute priority by the Italian Presidency so that it may be adopted by the end of 2014 and come into effect as soon as possible. Europe needs to move into a new payments world - yet the lack of this legislation is holding us back.

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Guidance on the Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentication

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Guide on contactless payments

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Interchange Fee Regulation

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