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EuroCommerce joins forces for successful outcome of WTO negotiations

Two hours before the official start of the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference, SME Global joined forces with EuroCommerce and the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) to express strong support for a successful outcome of the ongoing negotiations, in particular on Trade Facilitation.

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European Business urges the European Commission to conclude the revised pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention by the end of 2019

The undersigning European Business Associations, representing a range of sectors, wish to reiterate their support for negotiations on the revised pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention (PEM Convention) and to see it adopted by the PEM Joint Committee at its next meeting on 27 November 2019.

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EU and UK business: No deal Brexit is a no-win outcome that must be avoided

With less than 20 days remaining, European businesses are calling for a no deal Brexit to be averted immediately to avoid major disruption of supply chains across all industries and to protect jobs. The undersigned organizations reiterate that a no-deal Brexit will have disastrous consequences for businesses and citizens on both sides of the Channel. EU and UK companies have benefited from over 40 years of economic integration and 25 years of the Single Market. As a result, value chains have become so closely intertwined that a nodeal Brexit will lead to chaos.

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EU Trade Policy Strategy 2015 - Policy Guidance Paper 12 Jun 2015

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The Narratives - International Trade

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