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GFSI Conference 2019 - 25-28 FEB 2019

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Retail & wholesale working for a healthy lifestyle - 15 MAY 2018

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Every Meal Matters - Food Donation Guidelines - 29 JUN 2016

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Global Food Safety Conference - 29 FEB 2016

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Retailers and wholesalers warn of dangers from direct consumer imports

Speaking today on the occasion of the International Product Safety Week, Christian Verschueren, Director-General of EuroCommerce said:

“Our members are deeply worried at the influx of dangerous products sold by unscrupulous non-EU manufacturers and sellers, directly targeting EU customers. These products are not subject to any controls and can cause serious harm to consumers. They also represent unfair competition to responsible EU producers, importers and retailers who work hard to ensure that their products are safe and meet EU standards. Any new regulation has to reflect this new reality and help national authorities in responding appropriately to these threats. Rogue traders who deliberately bring non-compliant products into the EU should be stopped and punished.”

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