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#EUCircularTalks : Packaging in the retail sector - 19 OCT 2020

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Retail Forum for Sustainability - 11 DEC 2019

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Sell More, Waste Less - Workshop for food retailers & manufacturers - 2 OCT 2015

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Joint action needed to tackle problems of plastic waste

Speaking today ahead of the European Parliament vote on the Plastics directive, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren warned that the directive needs to be implemented properly and to avoid distorting the Single Market:

“We are as a sector already actively doing our bit in reducing plastic waste, but to do so effectively we need consistent implementation, and the engagement of the whole supply chain and public authorities to achieve real reductions in single-use plastic and marine litter. Without a proper waste management infrastructure and sufficient recycling facilities we will not achieve a circular economy or the objectives of this directive”.

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EuroCommerce joins the Circular Plastics Alliance as retailers & wholesalers contribute to a more sustainable future

EuroCommerce today joined the Circular Plastics Alliance. Retailers and wholesalers have been playing an active role in increasing the sustainability of the products they sell. They work to influence and support sustainable consumption by reducing unnecessary use of virgin materials, optimising its logistics, and offering alternatives to plastic in products and their packaging. They also work to inform consumers about sustainable choices, and use the long-term partnerships with suppliers to encourage all parts of the supply chain to think and act sustainably.

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