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Joint Business Statement in view of the Trilogue discussion on the proposal on Modernisation of EU Consumer Law

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Recommendations for a better presentation of information to consumers

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Retailers and consumer policy - Fostering a unique relationship

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Dealing effectively with dangerous imports is vital for consumers and fair competition

Speaking today at the conclusion of trilogue negotiations between Council, European Commission and Parliament on the Compliance and Enforcement Regulation, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren congratulated the negotiators on finalising this important new regulation for consumers and all the supply chain:

“We are pleased to see agreement to a regulation which will help prevent serious harm to consumers, and allow law-abiding operators to compete on an equal footing. This will send a strong and positive signal to support traders’ efforts to bring safe and compliant products to the market. Rogue manufacturers and traders do not have a place in the EU market and dangerous products even less so.”

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Digital age needs fully harmonised consumer guarantee rules

The European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee is voting today on harmonising rules on consumer guarantees and contracts for the online and offline sale of goods. The IMCO text reflects a political compromise and harmonises the length of legal guarantees at two years. Member States may keep their existing rules, but not extend them. This means that countries such as Sweden with 3 years, or the Netherlands with a product-lifespan-proportional period, may keep these, but not revise them upwards.

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