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European retail and wholesale serves as a link between producers and consumers billions of times every day. A fair and respectful relationship between all members of the supply chain is crucial for the efficient supply of goods and services. With retail and wholesale being the most visible link in such a complex supply chain, EuroCommerce and its members works towards and advocates for fair business relations and practices with suppliers. At the other end, retail’s and wholesale’s ‘raison d’être’ is to serve 500 million consumers every day. Consumer confidence is paramount. The sector strives for providing effective consumer protection, great consumer information, and decent consumer rights.


Consumers are at the heart of retail and wholesale – and as a result retailers have a need to be highly competitive in terms of price, in-store experience, and product range. With hundreds of thousands of new products on the shelves every year, competition is a clear driver of innovation. EuroCommerce strives to ensure that every company, big or small, has the ability to be competitive, has access to efficient payment systems, and is not impeded by any market access barriers. 


At the heart of our communities, the retail and wholesale sector has long been aware of the role it plays in society, integrating the concept of sustainable development in its daily activities. Our members are continuously adapting to meet the new environmental and social challenges as well as offering consumers the possibility to be part of this process. From the energy requirements of electronic goods to the nutritional profile of foodstuffs, retail and wholesale has long achieved high standards well in advance of regulation. EuroCommerce aims to promote sustainable retail and wholesale, in which there is more flexibility, security and skills in the labour market, effective consumer education by public authorities to promote healthier, sustainable products and services, and a stronger respect for the environment.