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What do we offer?

With over 95 members representing six million companies, most of which are SMEs, EuroCommerce is the premier platform for European retail and wholesale businesses.

We bring together the necessary expertise and knowledge about the retail and wholesale sector which our experienced staff transforms into effective advocacy and PR actions.

EuroCommerce is a well-respected and influential business association, representing one of the largest economic players in Europe. We have a broad network of contacts in Brussels and have access to EU policy-makers at all levels.

From our offices in Brussels, we provide you with tailor-made information and analysis about key developments that impact your activities. We are here on the ground to anticipate regulatory changes, get involved at an early stage and help you solve your challenges.

EuroCommerce is your place to meet peers and like-minded people from all over Europe, to be part of discussions, projects and events that underscore the role and needs of retail and wholesale companies.

By being part of EuroCommerce, you will be able to raise issues of importance to you, shape our positions and EU policies, and improve the profile of your organisation in EU circles.

What do we cover?

EuroCommerce stands for competitive, sustainable and fair retail and trade in Europe. Our policy areas reflect this vision:





How do we work with members?

EuroCommerce is a member-driven association and we invite all members to get involved. Our members regularly meet to discuss policy initiatives, exchange information, and develop a common stance on issues. Commission officials and Members of the European Parliament are frequent guests at our meetings. With face-to-face meetings at all levels, events, research, publications, position papers and voting recommendations, we aim to tell our story and proactively influence legislation and policies. Our team also engages with the media to get across our messages, as policy is not formed in isolation.

Where we can, we form coalitions with others to achieve better results. EuroCommerce is part of a number of long-standing coalitions, such as the Retail Forum for Sustainability and the Alliance for Sustainable Fisheries. Both have achieved specific policy objectives. We engage across potential divides with trade unions and consumer and environmental NGOs, such as WWF, to understand societal trends and to adopt joint positions where helpful.

Want more information?

For further information, benefits and conditions of membership, write to the Director-General for a full leaflet.