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Retailers commend Commission decision on Polish tax as unlawful state aid

Speaking today in response to the Commission’s conclusion of its in-depth investigation initiated in September 2016 against the Polish retail tax, EuroCommerce Director-General, Christian Verschueren, said:

“The Commission’s conclusion that the Polish retail tax is unlawful state aid gives a very welcome and clear signal to Member States on what is considered discriminatory or not. To ensure fair competition in the internal market, taxes and fees should be non-discriminatory, proportionate and justified.”

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EuroCommerce position on the VAT Action Plan

The existing system for cross-border VAT dates back to the 1990’s, when e-commerce did not exist. VAT compliance in selling products abroad still represents a substantial barrier to trade, especially for SMEs. EuroCommerce is therefore pleased that as part of the Digital Single Market Strategy the Commission has now released a communication on the VAT Action Plan. This will lead to concrete legislative proposals in 2016 and 2017 to facilitate cross-border e-commerce for businesses.

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EuroCommerce positions on reduced VAT rates and treatment of vouchers 22 Jan 2013

EuroCommerce has adopted two position papers on VAT: on reduced rates and the treatment of vouchers. We recognise the need for a EU-wide VAT system with harmonised rules, one VAT administration and one VAT return. However, as there are currently no signs of harmonisation, EuroCommerce suggests maintaining Member States’ autonomy to apply reduced rates.

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VAT Rates in the EU 17 Sep 2013

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VAT Action Plan: Time to Abolish Barriers for Businesses

Welcoming many aspects of the Communication on the VAT Action Plan presented today by Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, EuroCommerce Director-General, Christian Verschueren said:

Lightening the VAT compliance burden for business is vital for the Digital Single Market to work. Different VAT regulations within the EU create major obstacles to companies doing business cross-border. VAT needs to fit the requirements of the digital age. Retailers and wholesalers, as a sector deeply affected by VAT regulation, welcome the Commission’s efforts to find a way forward”.

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