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Retailers regret farmers' lobby continuing to focus on wrong issues in the food supply chain 9 Jan 2017

Reacting to the debate in the European Parliament hearing on the report of the Agricultural Markets Task Force today, retailers expressed deep regret that the debate continued to focus on the misleading and mistaken belief that EU legislation on trading practices can resolve the problems of farmers in the supply chain. They repeated their strong support for helping farmers to provide competitive produce which consumers want to buy, but stressed that this was not the way to achieve this.

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SCI – Year 3 – keeping momentum and bringing change 24 Jan 2017

The Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) marked further progress in promoting good trading practices in its third annual report presented at an event today sponsored by MEPs Dita Charanzová and Ivan Štefanec.

The report shows that a large majority of companies are satisfied with how the initiative has helped them in their relationships with others in the supply chain. 71% respondents say that they are either satisfied or very satisfied. The figures for SMEs show a similar result, with two-thirds reporting satisfaction with the initiative. There is real progress also in training: 93% of companies report having trained their staff (up from 87% last year) – some 37,000 (compared to 20,000 in 2015). 86% have told their business partners that they are registered under the SCI and explained the commitments that they have made.

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EuroCommerce supporting stronger Supply Chain Initiative and national supply chain dialogue as alternative to EU legislation 4 Apr 2017

EuroCommerce is actively promoting a set of measures to reinforce the effectiveness, expertise and independence of the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI), an initiative to promote fair trading practices in business-to-business transactions in the food supply chain. As part of this commitment, announced at the EU High Level Forum for a better functioning food supply chain, EuroCommerce and its partners in the SCI are seeking an independent chairperson.

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EP amendments to Omnibus Regulation not in line with better regulation and will harm consumers 2 May 2017

Speaking ahead of the European Parliament vote on the so-called Omnibus regulation on the Common Agriculture Policy aspects of the Union budget, Christian Verschueren, Director-General of EuroCommerce, warned against proposed amendments which would introduce totally new concepts inconsistent with a market-oriented CAP and Better Regulation rules.

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Retailers and Farmers – Partners in the food chain 3 May 2017

At an event hosted by MEP Julie Girling (UK, ECR), EuroCommerce launched what it hoped would be the start of a positive and productive dialogue on retail and its relationships with farmers. During the discussion, leading members of COMAGRI, Commission and important stakeholder representatives heard case studies of how retailers and their agricultural suppliers work together to create value for consumers and positive results for all involved.

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