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EuroCommerce joins forces for successful outcome of WTO negotiations 3 Dec 2013

Two hours before the official start of the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference, SME Global joined forces with EuroCommerce and the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) to express strong support for a successful outcome of the ongoing negotiations, in particular on Trade Facilitation.

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Joint statement on new Chinese furniture standards

The undersigned are concerned about the unnecessary obstacles to international trade that new Chinese standards on wood-based furniture, sofas and mattresses might cause, without benefits for the consumers’ safety, health and the environment. We consider that the testing methods described in notified standards are immature, not elaborated on technically correct basis and, to our knowledge, not validated. Therefore, this new approach results in unsuitability to fulfill its mandate: protect consumers or the environment.

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Retailers and Wholesalers applaud European Parliament Approval of EU-Canada Trade Deal

EuroCommerce very much welcomed the European Parliament’s plenary vote today approving ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). The agreement has now passed an important hurdle and can be provisionally applied, starting this spring.

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WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: a welcome boost for the World Economy

EuroCommerce is very pleased that the number of ratifications needed for the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA) to enter into force was reached today. This is first multilateral deal concluded and to come into force since the WTO Doha Round in 2001.

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Dual Use – New Regulation

Ensuring security is not only a guiding factor for our member companies but also guiding principle for our activities. We are convinced that the highest level of security can be reached with rules that are realisable and implementable for everyone. There should be no minimum company size to engage in international trade. Unfortunately, we are already in a situation in which the regulatory requirements cannot be fulfilled without risking the competitiveness of the companies. Even large companies with their own legal departments can nowadays hardly fulfil all the requirements in due time. As a result, some companies have stopped doing business with some countries just because they do not have the resources to cope with the extremely complex aspects of export controls. That is not good for EU trade and undermines our competitiveness.

EuroCommerce hence welcomes the Commissions ambition to modernise the export-control regulation, and would in particular like to welcome the proposed extension of the general export licenses and the addition of Union general transfer authorisations as these will reduce the administrative burdens and contribute to a level playing field within the EU and beyond.

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