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11 September 2015

European Court of Justice delivers landmark judgment with major repercussions for the supply chain

Yesterday, the European Court of Justice confirmed that the presence of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in products needs to be calculated at component level. In future, a washing machine will need every component in it – the hoses the drum and the pump - to have a separate calculation for its SVHC content, where before it was the overall content of the washing machine that needed to be calculated, and, where necessary, tested.

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"Shopping for Growth"

We are at the dawn of a new European legislature. The next five years will be critical in returning the European economy to growth and job creation. Retail and wholesale can contribute, given the right economic and policy conditions. This manifesto, "Shopping for Growth" highlights our key proposals for the next five years. With the right policy and legisative environment, our sector will respond, supporting growth and creating jobs in the European economy.

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"Shopping for Growth"