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EuroCommerce is looking for an 

 Adviser in Retail Economics

The job, reporting to the Director of Policy for Competitiveness and Commercial relations, includes: 

  • Research, collect and maintain up-to-date data on key retail indicators available on public databases (Eurostat, OECD, World Economic Forum, FAO, etc.) and from more retail- and business-specific data sources (Nielsen, Kantar, Planet Retail, Euromonitor, GfK, Deloitte, McKinsey, etc.); ensure data about retail and wholesale provided on the EuroCommerce web-site and publications are up-to-date
  • Develop and produce a retail barometer, a new product providing top-level facts and figures on the retail sector; plan extension to wholesale data; build a narrative around the barometer with the support of members
  • Develop and manage partnerships with data providers for the barometer
  • Coordinate a network of retail economists from national associations; provide knowledge and organisational support for the annual retail economists’ day
  • Translate data in communication-friendly material (graphics and stories) for use in EuroCommerce communication and advocacy
  • Provide supporting evidence and knowledge for speeches and positions
  • Compile data for ad-hoc data collection exercises such as the EU Milk and Meat Market Observatories; represent EuroCommerce at those meetings
  • Support the Policy Director and deputise for her on matters relating to commercial relations, trading practices, supply chain, and agriculture policies


To download the official job ad, please click here.



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